Soft Liner Reline

What is a soft liner?

A soft liner is a material placed in the inside of the denture where it touches the gums of the patient. It is prescribed to patients ho complain of pain when using their denture. Most of the time, the pain is not caused by the denture but the lack of tissues that protects the jawbone. The pressure created hen chewing presses the denture to the jawbone and it causes the pain.

Characteristics of a soft denture liner:

  1. They are usually made from medical grade rubber or silicone. Silicone is used because it is softer.
  2. Soft liner is porous, making them soft. However, this characteristic makes the soft liner easy to deteriorate and makes it an ideal place for microorganisms to live in. Once it is contaminated, the liner must be replaced to decontaminate the denture of the microorganism.
  3. Soft denture liner hardens gradually over time. It may not be noticed by the patient at first but it will eventually harden and cause pain. A replacement will be necessary.
  4. A patient with a dry mouth must have a very healthy oral hygiene practice as dry mouth contributes to the accumulation of microorganisms in the soft denture liner.
  5. Ideally, soft liners must be replaced every year. But patients with unhealthy oral hygiene must replace their soft liner more often.

Soft denture liner is a good solution to people who complain of pain when using their dentures as it reshapes to accommodate the changes in the jaw bone surface. However, it is not a long term solution.

Soft liner is normally prescribed for patients:

  • Whose denture is scheduled for rebasing, extension or replacement
  • As a temporary liner for patients’ denture right after teeth extraction or an oral surgery.
  • With dentures that has undergone trauma or infection.

 Soft Liner Reline


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