Partial Dentures

Partial denture is what is normally suggested to patients who have lost some tooth but still wishes to preserve the rest of your good teeth. Though your oral hygiene and oral practices may also play a role in whether a partial denture is what is appropriate for you or not.
There are basically two types of partial denture, the acrylic-based and metal based partial denture.

Acrylic or plastic based dentures are the go to solution for partial dentures. However, they are more prone to damages as they are weaker compared to the metal based dentures. Also, plastic based dentures’ design is generally bigger and more bulky.

Metal or cobalt based dentures are stronger compared to their acrylic based counterpart. They are also smaller in size.

Maintenance of Partial Dentures:

  • A check up should be scheduled with your dentist first before a partial denture is made for you.
  • Every two years, your partial dentures must be remodeled or replaced because the tissues that are covered by the dentures naturally shrinks because their bone density changes.
  • Dentures must be cleaned thoroughly by using a brush with non-abrasive bristle. You can also soak the denture to a commercial denture cleaner. Cleaning thoroughly is essential to prevent build up of tartar and plaque.
  • To prevent damage from falling of partial denture, it is advised that you clean it in a sink covered with a towel so that there is cushion if ever it falls.
  • If you happen to induce damage to your denture, do not repair it by yourself. Ask a professional to do it for you instead.

Partial dentures are held in place with the help of an attachment in the form of clasp to your natural remaining teeth. Your saliva and the natural adhesion of your teeth also help in maintaining its stability. But always remember to maintain an oral hygiene as unclean clasp accelerated the development of plaque and tartar on your teeth.

Some people are very particular in getting used to having their dentures that they prefer to sleep at night with it still on. Though that is a personal choice for the owner, it still advised that you remove your denture at night to prevent suffocation from ingested denture.

Partial Dentures

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Health Benefits

You can smile again. We know denture wearers who've said that simply being able to smile again really helped their outlook on life.

Replacing missing teeth will benefit your appearance and your oral health.

Dentures help keep facial muscles from sagging, which can make a person look older.

You'll be able to eat and speak — things that people often take for granted until their natural teeth are lost. And if you've had trouble with your natural teeth for a number of years, you might not have been able to eat the foods you want or speak comfortably for quite a while.

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