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 Mladen Simic Reg. Dental Prosthetist

 (07) 5576 3122

Burleigh Heads Denture Clinic Gold Coast

23B Park Avenue Burleigh Heads QLD 4220 Australia

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Monday – Friday
8:30 AM – 4:00 PM


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Burleigh Heads Denture Clinic Gold Coast

Burleigh Heads Denture Clinic Gold Coast

Emergency repair

Do you need emergency repair to your dentures?

Call now! (07) 5576 3122

Health Benefits

You can smile again. We know denture wearers who've said that simply being able to smile again really helped their outlook on life.

Replacing missing teeth will benefit your appearance and your oral health.

Dentures help keep facial muscles from sagging, which can make a person look older.

You'll be able to eat and speak — things that people often take for granted until their natural teeth are lost. And if you've had trouble with your natural teeth for a number of years, you might not have been able to eat the foods you want or speak comfortably for quite a while.

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